7th AAWC - Action 2023: Draft Conference Resolutions

Towards Developing Resolutions for the Conference
The outcome of the conference were recommendations that were drafted to capture the key deliberations throughout the three days. These key recommendations, upon adoption by key stakeholders will form resolutions for the 7th edition of the AAWC. They include:

  1. THAT the AAWC lobbies for mainstreaming animal welfare in the continent’s development agenda while incorporating ethical and spiritual aspects, to promote the transformation of the food systems in Africa and to avoid intensive agricultural systems.
  2. THAT the AAWC through the AUC champions for the adoption and implementation of better livestock production systems that cater for animal welfare.
  3. THAT the AAWC through the AUC champion endorsement of the ‘Dar es Salaam Declaration’, an outcome of the 2022 Pan-African Donkey Conference, by the African Union Committee of Heads of State to implement a ban on donkey slaughter for skins and other donkey derived products as well as ensure the inclusion of donkeys and donkey owners welfare issues in the Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa.
  4. THAT the AAWC champions and lobbies for the development and implementation of a Disaster Management Plan to cater for animals affected by catastrophic events in Africa.
  5. THAT the AAWC promotes inter-religious dialogue and an increase in the role of religion in animal welfare educational awareness programs.
  6. THAT the AAWC in partnership with UNEP continues promoting CSO engagement in Africa for enhanced human, animal and environmental wellbeing.
  7. THAT AAWC champions for the development of policies that promote the use of alternatives to animals in education, research and testing.
  8. THAT AAWC champions discussions on the transformation of Africa’s food system that encourage humane farming, high animal welfare standards, adoption of indigenous local foods and promotion of alternative proteins.
  9. THAT AAWC champions for the development of policies and legal frameworks to address dog population control, human-wildlife conflict and fish welfare.
  10. THAT the AAWC through the AUC promotes collaboration with governments, organizations and stakeholders to ensure the integration of animal welfare into policies, consciousness and practices.