Presentations during the 5th Africa Animal Welfare Conference - Action 2021

The 5th Africa Animal Welfare Conference - Action 2021 was held from 1-3 November 2021.

This was a high-breed conference that took place both virtually through a zoom platform and physically at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), Accra, Ghana.

5th AAWC - Action 2021: Day One (1 November 2021) Presentations

  1. Animal Agriculture and their link to Global Pandemics by Pavitra Krishnan, India. - View Youtube video
  2. Assessing the Feasibility and Practicability of Applying the ‘Welfare Quality Assessment Protocol for Dairy Cows Among Dairy Farms in Kiruhura District, Uganda, Dr Paul Ssuna, Makerere University, Uganda - View pdf format. => View / Download
  3. Animal Welfare and Pandemic Risk Mitigation-the role of One Welfare by Dr Mark Jones, Head of Policy, Born Free Foundation, UK. => View / Download
  4. Prevalence of Welfare Associated Lesions and Practices and the association with Pork quality, Nairobi, Kenya by Dr Sentamu Derrick Noah, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Nairobi, Kenya. => View / Download
  5. Wildlife and Livestock Trade and One Health, Prof. Raphael Folitse, School of Veterinary Medicine, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. => View / Download
  6. The Role of the Aviation Industry in International Trade in Wildlife, Dr Patrick Muinde, Research Manager, World Animal Protection, Kenya. => View / Download
  7. Wildlife Trade, Livestock Trade and the Impact on One Health, Dr Meyir Ziekah, Wildlife Veterinarian, Kumasi Zoo Manager, Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission, Ghana. => View / Download

5th AAWC - Action 2021: Day Two (2 November 2021) Presentations

  1. MGS engagement in UNEA 5, Isaiah Otieno, Civil Society Unit, UNEP => View / Download
  2. Status of MGS preparations towards UNEA 5 - outcomes of the International Consultation, outcome of the work of thematic clusters etc, Djatougbe Aziaka. => View / Download
  3. Animal welfare resolution at UNEA 5.2 -current status and actions required, Josphat Ngonyo, Executive Director, ANAW. => View / Download
  4. UNEP @ 50, Alexander Juras, Chief, Civil Society Unit, UNEP. => View / Download
  5. Stockholm + 50, Laetitia Zobel, Civil Society Unit, UNEP - Read/Download => View / Download
  6. Environmental Health, Climate Change and Animal Welfare Dr Kebba Daffeh, The Gambia. => View / Download
  7. The trade in donkeys and their skins: a risk to global health Dr Linda Evans The Donkey Sanctuary => View / Download (Audio Embedded)
  8. Panel Discussion (Panelists: Prof. Janet L. Rumfelt, Ph.D.,Professor and Chair, Liberal Arts Department, Regis University, Dr Katherine Baxter, Ph.D.,Operations Manager, ANAW-USA, David Gies, M.A., Chief Financial Officer, ANAW-USA)
    Topic: Changing Social Norms and Individu- al Behaviors: Cultivating Regenerative Virtues through Education and NGO Outreach. => View / Download

5th AAWC - Action 2021: Day Three (3 November 2021) Presentations

  1. Trends of Training and Research in One Health, Prof. Benjamin Emikpe, School of Veterinary Medicine, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana => View / Download
  2. Animal Welfare Training at Livestock Training Agencies (LITA) colleges in Tanzania. Experi- ences and Successes. Jackson Tembo, Animals’ Angels Ambas- sador, Tanzania and Sophie Greger, Head of International Project Development, Animals’ Angels, Germany. => View / Download
  3. Exploring the Impact of Covid-19 on the Work- ing Equid Community Across Southern Africa, Penny Ward, Regional Coordinator, World Horse Welfare, South Africa: and Paseka Kompi, National University of Lesotho. => View / Download
  4. How do we ensure the welfare of bats in re- search in Ghana? Dr Richard Suu-rie, University of Ghana. => View / Download
  5. Myths and realities of animal use and alterna- tives in education and training: from skills ac- quisition to sustainable development, Nick Jukes, Coordinator, InterNICHE, UK. => View / Download
  6. Donkeys and Sustainable Development in Ghana: The Impact of Donkey Slaugh- ter and Trade in Donkey Skins Dr Anthony Nsoh Akunzule, Executive Director, Ghana Poultry Network => View / Download
  7. West Africa’s Approach to One Welfare, Dr Mactar Seck, Brooke West Africa, Da- kar, Senegal. => View / Download
  8. Good Animal Welfare as the Cornerstone of Sustainable Development: South Afri- can Experiences Morgan James and Nazareth Appalsamy, NSPCA, South Africa => View / Download
  9. Farmed animal protection and the law: how to address the question of food security, animal welfare, environmental and human health in an integrated way Considering One Welfare and, in an Afro-centric context Tony Gerrans, Executive Director, Humane Society International Africa, (representing CALS). => View / Download
  10. The Theory and Practice of Institutional and Policy Advocacy for Equine Welfare, Dr Raphael Kinoti, Regional Director, Brooke East Africa and Samuel Theuri, Advocacy and Innovations Advisor, Brooke East Africa. => View / Download
  11. Corporate Campaigns, Jennie Hunter, The Humane League. => View Youtube Video
  12. Animal Welfare Legislation in Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria Hon.Garba Datti, Member of the House of Representatives, Nigeria. => View / Download

AAW Conference

Africa Animal Welfare Conference is an annual conference co-hosted by Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and African Union InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) for professionals and practitioners, coming together to discuss issues that cut across animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation.

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