The 8th Africa Animal Welfare Conference - Action 2024.

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The 7th Africa Animal Welfare Conference - Action 2023

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What is Africa Animal Welfare Conference (AAWC)

It is an annual conference co-hosted by Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), African Union InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) and the Government of the Country on Which the Conference is held, for professionals and practitioners, coming together to discuss issues that cut across animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation.

Conference Theme and Sub-Themes

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Panelists leading a panel discussion during a past conference
Conference Theme:  Navigating the delicate balance of animal welfare, climate change and development: concerted actions towards a healthy and sustainable environment.

  1.  Farm and working animals
  2. Welfare of animals in disasters
  3. Faith based perspectives of animal welfare and environmental conservation
  4. Emerging trends in education and research
  5. Wildlife and environmental conservation
  6. Climate change and animal welfare (Panel discussion)

Conference Vision, Mission, and Goal

Conference Vision
The Conference aims to be the premier platform for animal welfare stakeholders in Africa to engage in dialogue, learning and strategy development to address circumstances and developments in animal welfare.
Conference Mission
The Conference sets to bring together animal welfare stakeholders to deliberate on critical issues affecting animals, their value and their contribution to socio- economic, environmental, humane and sustainable development in Africa.
Overall Goal
The overall goal of the conference is to stimulate policy development, review and planning for the realization of animal welfare.
Conference Objectives

This 7th Conference will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To outline the need to ensure actions toward balancing the need for human development and environmental sustainability.
  2. To illustrate progress towards mainstreaming Animal Welfare in the United Nations and preparations towards UNEA 6.
  3. To reflect on the progress of implementation of AWSA through the Africa Platform for Animal Welfare (APAW).
  4. To exchange knowledge and best practices towards enhancing animal welfare, environmental sustainability and human development.
  5. To develop a critical mass of sensitized animal welfare stakeholders in Africa to champion and support the emerging animal welfare, sustainable development and environment agenda in the continent.
  6. To entrench among stakeholders and communities in Africa their role in improving animal welfare and supporting environmental conservation in Africa.
  7. To advance linkages and networking among stakeholders in animal welfare, environment, development and related sectors in Africa.

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