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7th Africa Animal Welfare Conference (AAWC) - Action 2023

7th Africa Animal Welfare Conference (AAWC) - Action 2023

Dates: Date: 25 -27 September 2023

Conference Venue: Sainte Famille Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

Conference Theme: Navigating the delicate balance of animal welfare, climate change and development: concerted actions towards a healthy and sustainable environment.

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Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts

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Click here to download the conference programme and book abstract


Conference Presentations

Day One

  1. An International Outlook on Climate Change, Animal Welfare and Sustainable Development - by Debbie Tripley, Global Director of Campaigns and Policy Advocacy, Compassion in World Farming.
  2. Cage Free Campaigns in Africa - by Aurelia Adhiambo, Africa Coordinator, Open Wing Alliance.
  3. The Global Donkey Skin Trade: its impacts in Africa and a Call to Action to support a Pan African 15-year moratorium on the trade - by Dr Otieno Mtula, Africa Campaigns Manager, The Donkey Sanctuary
  4. Community Focused Donkey Welfare Project in Kenya Case Study -WTG-ANAW - by Dr Dennis K. Bahati, Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) and WTG
  5. Donkeys: Case study of past, present and future use in Africa - by Dr Bojia Duguma, Country Representative, Donkey Sanctuary Ethiopia
  6. Livestock Animals, Environment and Sustainable Development in Rwanda - by Dr Fabrice Ndayisenga, Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB)
  7. Welfare of animals in disasters in Africa - by Dr Judy Kimaru, Director, Action for Protection of Animals Africa (APAA)
  8. Enhancing Livestock dependent communities’ preparedness to challenges of climate change by Dr Raphael Kinoti, CEO, Brooke EA
  9. Animal welfare challenges and opportunities during disaster situations in Africa - by Dr Laurien Ntamugabumwe, Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors (RCVD)
  10. A General Outlook on Faith-Based Perspectives on Animal Welfare by Joyce D’ Silva, Compassion in World Farming International
  11. Harmonizing Faith and Nature - An Ethical Exploration of Religious Perspective on Environmental Conservation - by Prof. Beatrice Okyere-Manu, University of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa.
  12. How NGOs can responsibly partner with religious communities to promote peaceful coexistence with the natural world and non-human animals - by Prof. Janet Rumfelt, Regis University, Dr Katherine Baxter, CEO ANAW-USA, and Dr M.D Kinoti, Regis University

Day Two

  1. Introduction to UNEP Mandate, organizational structure and governance by Ulf Bjornholm, Deputy Secretary ofGoverning Bodies; Deputy Director, Governance Affairs Office; O.I.C. Head of the Civil Society Unit
  2. Major Groups and Stakeholders Engagement at UNEP by Isaiah Otieno, Senior Information Technology Assistant, UNEP
  3. Preparations for UNEA-6 by Ulf Bjornholm; Deputy Secretary of Governing Bodies; Deputy Director, Governance Affairs Office; O.I.C. Head of the Civil Society Unit
  4. UNEP Major Groups & Stakeholders, Africa, Outcomes of the 2023 Regional Consultative Meeting Africa and the 19th Ordinary Session of the AMCEN and Preparations for UNEA 6 by David N. Munene, Regional Facilitator, Major Groups & Stakeholders, Africa & Programs Manager, Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA)
  5. Bridging the Teaching Gap: Making Animal Welfare Education Accessible with Holistic Teaching Materials by Carolin Breitenbach, WTS
  6. Implementing better training for veterinarians: Resources and strategies by Nick Jukes, InterNICHE
  7. Findings from the 2021-2022 survey to determine the institutional preparedness of African countries to eliminate rabies by 2030 by Dr Kavosa Mudoga, Action for the Protection of Animals in Africa (APAA)
  8. Revolutionizing Animal Welfare Education in Rwanda: A transformative journey for animal wellbeing by Dr Emmanuel Irimaso, University of Rwanda, School of Veterinary Medicine
  9. Navigating the delicate balance of animal welfare, climate change and development: concerted actions towards a healthy and sustainable environment by Esther Afolaranmi, Fair Start Movement, and Dr Carter Dillard, University of Denver
  10. Reducing meat consumption-options for Africa by Dr.Victor YAMO, Humane & Sustainable Agriculture Campaigns Manager, World Animal Protection
  11. A call to stopping factory farming to mitigate Climate Change and ensure animal welfare by Prof. Charles Ssekyewa, St. Lawrence University, Uganda
  12. Animal Welfare and Rights: The policy environment in Uganda by Prof. Charles Ssekyewa, Centre for Ecosystems Research and Development (CERD-UGANDA)
  13. Realizing First-of-its-Kind Plant-Based Alternative to Meat in Rwanda by Jean Paul Gisa, One Acre Fund Rwanda

Day Three

  1. Preventing Volcanoes National Park from going to the dogs.Gorilla Doctors interventions by Dr Gaspard Nzayisenga, Gorilla Doctors
  2. Gorilla Doctors work in Africa: One health approach in Conservation by Dr. Julius Nziza, Country Director PhD Research Candidate
  3. Promoting Aquatic Animal Welfare: A Vital Perspective for Africa by Wasseem Emam, Ethical Seafood Research
  4. Navigating the Delicate Balance of Animal Welfare, Climate Change, and Development: Africa’s Response to the Effect of the Triple Global Crises on the Feed and Fodder Sector by Dr. Sarah Ashanut Ossiya, RAFFS Project Officer, AU-IBAR.
  5. One Health: A Responsible Approach by Linda Evans, Global Director of Animal Welfare, SPANA
  6. The African Union OHDAA Project: Enhancing Data Management for sustainable evidence-based Animal, Human and Environmental Health Interventions by Dr Mary-Mbole Kariuki, AU-IBAR
  7. Aquatic Resources and Animal Nutrition Welfare in a Climate Changing - AU-IBAR's Perspective by Nelly Isyagi, Fisheries Trade and Investment , AU-IBAR
  8. AU-IBAR: Championing the Animal Resources in Africa - Exploring the role of AU-IBAR in Animal Welfare, Climate Change, and Development by Dr. M. Mbaka – Animal Welfare Expert, AU-IBAR
  9. Navigating the Opportunities in the Nexus between Animal Welfare and Sustainable Animal Production in Africa - The Relevance of the Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa Dr. M. Mbaka – Animal Welfare Expert, AU-IBAR
  10. Progressing the outcomes of Pan African Donkey Conference (PADCO) by Samuel Theuri, Brooke East Africa